Classes 6-10

Class 6 – Second session devoted to Shabbat

See session Five for readings

Read appropriate sections in the Glossary

R. Plavin “Blessing of Unplugging”

Class 7 – Prayer 

Be sure to bring a Siddur to class.  You will want a prayerbook (Siddur) that has weekday, Shabbat and holiday prayers. (High Holidays prayers will not be included. There is a special siddur for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur called a Machzor. The recommended Siddur, if you are purchasing one, is the 1985 edition of the Siddur Sim Shalom. There is an Amazon link to the right.

Reading in text

Prayer introduction from Sim Shalom (1985)

Read appropriate sections in the Glossary

Class 8 – second session on prayer

R. Konigsburg prayer sermon

R. Plavin sermon on gratitude

Terminology review

R. Plavin sermon on Elohai N’shama

Class 9 – Seeking the Divine

Reading in text

Class 10  Love, Marriage and Sex 

OOF text to read