Session numbers correspond to chapter numbers in "On One Foot"
Session Topic Date Location Instructor Intro
1 Beginning the journey 20-Oct-16 Emanuel R. Plavin
2 Overview of the Bible 27-Oct-16 Emanuel D. Small
3 Heart of many rooms 3-Nov-16 Emanuel I. Garber
4 Holidays 10-Nov-16 Emanuel R. Plavin
5 Shabbat 17-Nov-16 Emanuel R. Plavin
No class Thanksgiving 24-Nov-16
5b Shabbat II 1-Dec-16 Beth El R. Plavin
6 Prayer 8-Dec-16 Beth El R. Plavin
6b Prayer II 15-Dec-16 Beth El R. Plavin
No class Winter break 22-Dec-16
No class Winter break 29-Dec-16
7 Passover 5-Jan-17 Beth El I. Garber
8 Seeking the Divine 12-Jan-17 Beth El J. Rosen
9 Talmud 19-Jan-17 B'nai Tikvoh -Sholom G. Karlin
10 High Holy Days 26-Jan-17 B'nai Tikvoh -Sholom R. Plavin
11 Kashrut 2-Feb-17 B'nai Tikvoh -Sholom D. Cantor
11b Kashrut II 9-Feb-17 B'nai Tikvoh -Sholom D. Cantor
No class February school break 16-Feb-17
12 Philosophers 23-Feb-17 B'nai Tikvoh -Sholom G. Karlin
13 Love, Marriage, Sex 2-Mar-17 BSBI R. Konigsburg
14 Birth to Bar Mitzvah 9-Mar-17 BSBI D. Small
Make-up if not needed, vacation 16-Mar-17
15 Time to Mourn 23-Mar-17 BSBI R. Konigsburg
16 Holocaust 30-Mar-17 BSBI P. Lazowski
17 Israel 6-Apr-17 BSBI D. Small
No class Passover 13-Apr-17
18 Tzedakah, Tikun Olam 20-Apr-17 BSBI R. Plavin
Make-up 27-Apr-17
Make-up 4-May-17