Categories of Labor Forbidden on Shabbat
         as explain in Leo Trepp, A History of the Jewish Experience


1.      The growing and preparation of food: plowing, sowing, harvesting, and so forth; baking, cooking, broiling: 11 prohibitions.

2.      Clothing: shearing, washing, bleaching, spinning, weaving, sewing, and similar work: 13 prohibitions.

3.      Leather work and writing: catching animals, slaughter, skinning, tanning, preparation of furs, preparation of parchment, writing, erasing, and so on: 9 prohibitions.

4.      Shelter: building or demolition for the purpose of re- building: 2 prohibitions.

5.      Fire: kindling and extinguishing: 2 prohibitions.

6.      Work completion: the final hammer stroke and touch: 1 prohibition.

7.      Transportation: Moving objects from one private domain to another, or into public domain, or within public domain, or from public to private domain: 1 prohibition.