Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the EJ program will begin this coming year on January 7, 2021. We hope that by then we will be able to hold classes in person. Also because of the pandemic, the registration fees for the program this year will be reduced by 50 %.  For further information, contact Rabbi Richard Plavin 860-573-4503 or riplavin@gmail.com.

The Embracing Judaism program is a pathway for the adult learner who wishes to discover or deepen Jewish knowledge. In 18 sessions we will provide a journey into Jewish spirituality, thought, ritual and culture. We will also discuss the scope of Jewish history, the meaning of Jewish peoplehood, Jewish diversity and the importance of Israel to the Jewish people. The program for 2019-2020 begins on Thursday night, October 31, 2019, but students may join at any point and continue into the following year’s program to complete the 18 units of the curriculum.

Who Are Our Students?

Embracing Judaism provides Jewish education for all seeking to learn about Judaism including:

  • Jews who never had the opportunity of a Jewish education in their youth.
  • Prospective Jews-by-Choice seeking Jewish education to meet the academic requirements of a conversion to Judaism.
  • Individuals who want to better understand the religion of their significant other or a family member.
  • Non-Jews who may have an intellectual curiosity about Jewish education and the mother faith to both Christianity and Islam.

Interested in learning more about Embracing Judaism in Hartford?

Download Our Brochure

For more information, call Rabbi Richard Plavin 860.573.4503, or email him at riplavin@gmail.com

Where and when will classes meet?

In the 2019-2020 program, all classes will meet at the Emanuel Synagogue in West Hartford.   Click here to see the current schedule.

The classes will meet on 18 Thursday evenings beginning on
October 31, 2019, 7:00-8:45 PM

Program Fees:

The tuition for the full 18 session program is $180 and should be paid at the time of registration. (You may also choose to pay $75 for each six-session trimester.) Significant others, full time students and IBJ alumni will receive a 50% discount.

Special arrangements may be made for reasons of financial need. Contact Rabbi Plavin to discuss your need confidentially.

For more information about Embracing Judaism, contact Rabbi Richard Plavin at 860-573-4503 or via email riplavin@gmail.com, and download our brochure and registration form.

This program is under the auspices of the Rabbinical Assembly of Connecticut and in partnership with the American Jewish University in Los Angeles.