Sessions 1-6

Sessions 1 – 6

Session 1 – Creation to the Edge of the Wilderness

Book chapter to read:

Kushner, “To Life” pp. 3-48

Hurwitz, “Here All Along” pp. 18-20.

Artson reading:

In the Bible:           

Exodus 1-20

Genesis quick overview

            Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Session 2 – World of the Bible

Kushner, pp. 17-48

Sanctity of the Bible reading

Bring to class a Bible – Suggested editions are:

         The Jewish Study Bible: Second Edition by Adele Berlin and Marc Zvi Brettler  by The Jewish Publication Society

JPS TANAKH: The Holy Scriptures (blue): The New JPS Translation according to the Traditional Hebrew Text

The Hebrew Bible: A Translation with Commentary (Vol. Three-Volume Set) by Robert Alter  (This would be a real splurge, but well worth it.)

Important terminology:

Great book that will introduce you to the Bible is “Biblical Literacy: The Most Important People, Events, and Ideas of the Hebrew Bible” (Hardcover), by Joseph Telushkin

Reading this book would be more valuable than just reading the Bible itself – far less frustrating.

Session 3 – Exploring Jewish Diversity

Book chapter to read

Joseph Telushkin, “Jewish Literacy” appropriate pieces in section on American Jewish Life – especially numbers 204, -206, 216-219, 222 -225.

Session 4 – Holidays: Great Wheel of the Jewish Year

Book chapter to read:

Session 5 – Shabbat: A Palace in Time

Book chapter to read:

Check out this Powerpoint:

Additional important readings:

Here All Along, Hurwitz, pp. 151-171

Excerpt from Herman Wouk, This is My God Click here,

here and here

Labors of Shabbat (Trepp) – click here

Shabbat glossary – click here

Electricity on Shabbat (Klagsbrun) – click here, here

Eric Fromm on Shabbat – click here

Session 6 – When Do I Bow, and other questions about Jewish Prayer

Book chapter to read: click here

The Bracha formula – click here

Prayers to discuss – click here

Intro to Sim Shalom – click here

Rabbi Konigsburg sermon on prayer – click here