Sessions 1-6

Class 1 – From Creation to the Edge of the Wilderness

Book chapter to print


Artson reading

Kushner: pp. 3 – 74

Class 2 – The World of the Bible

Book Chapter to print



Revelation reading

 Class 3 – Exploring Jewish Diversity

Book chapter to print

Kushner: pp. 75 – 86

Understandings of Revelation

 Class 4 – Great Wheel of the Jewish Year

Book Chapter to print

Holiday chart to print

Leviticus 23 to print

Holiday vocabulary –

Kushner: pp. 87 – 92 & 106 – 142

Use this vocabulary list as a reading guide to chapters in “Jewish Literacy” by J. Telushkin.

Class 5 – Shabbat

Reading in text

Trepp – Labors

Shabbat – Silverman and Heschel

Detailed Shabbat Glossary

Class 6 – Prayer

Be sure to bring a Siddur to class.  You will want a prayerbook (Siddur) that has weekday, Shabbat and holiday prayers. (High Holidays prayers will not be included. There is a special siddur for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur called a Machzor.) The recommended Siddur, if you are purchasing one, is the 1985 edition of the Siddur Sim Shalom. Here is an Amazon link to purchase this siddur used:,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

Reading in text

Reading about prayer

Prayer introduction from Sim Shalom (1985)

Download the iphone app: Sanctifull

R. Konigsburg prayer sermon

R. Plavin sermon on gratitude

R. Plavin sermon on Elohai N’shama

Read appropriate sections (pp.271-273) in the Glossary