Sessions 7 – 12

Class 7 – Passover 

Note – Class 6 was cancelled due to weather. The topic for that session, Prayer, will be covered in this Class 7, and “Passover” will be covered on March 28, 2019.

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Class 8 – Seeking the Divine

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Class 9 Oral Torah

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         Talmud Brachot 35a

History reading: Labovitz – Rabbinic Period

Class 10 – High Holy Days

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Class 11 – Kashrut

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Highly recommended purchase;

The Jewish Dietary Laws: Their Meaning For Our Time & A Guide To ObservancePaperback – 1966, by Samuel H Dresner and Seymour Siegel 


Class 12 – Philosophers

Article on “Jews in the Medieval Period” by Rabbi Dr. Joel Rembaum

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